Fukuoka Kenjinkai 35th Anniversary Event

Dear Fukuoka Kenjinkai members:

Thank you very much for your understanding and support to Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai all the time.

As you already know, last year (2016) marked the 35th anniversary for Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai. To commemorate the anniversary, we will hold a celebration ceremony and party. All the Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai members are invited to the events.

We have also invited the Premier and representatives from the Parliament of Fukuoka prefecture. In addition, delegations from Association of Families of Immigrants from Fukuoka and Tokyo Fukuoka Kenjinkai will join us.

We hope all of you join us to celebrate our 35th anniversary!

Time: Sunday, August 20 6:00PM~

Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA, Coal Harbour Room
1180 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai members
(If you have not become a member yet, please do so at the event)

Adults (13 y/o and up) – $50
Youth (5 ~ 12 y/o) – $25
Children (less than 4 y/o) – Free

– a portion of the total cost per person (approximately $85). The rest of the cost will be paid by Fukuoka Kenjinkai)

– Since it is a formal celebration event, the dress code is BUSINESS.

– Please RSVP your attendance and the number of people by August 5 by phone (Yuko Sonoda 604-366-5796) or by email (Masaru Kiyota: masarukiyota@hotmail.com).

We hope to see you all at the celebration events.


Masaru Kiyota
Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai

バンクーバー福岡県人会 35周年記念式典及び祝賀会

バンクーバー福岡県人会  会員 各位




バンクーバー福岡県人会 35周年記念式典及び祝賀会

日時: 8月20日(日)午後6:00 開会
会場: Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA Coal Harbour Room
   1180 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

参加資格: バンクーバー福岡県人会会員又は県にゆかりのある方

参加費: 大人(13歳以上) $50
子供(5歳~12歳) $25
幼児(4歳以下) 無料

• 参加費(祝賀会食事代など)は実質一人当たり$85ほどかかりますが、差額は県人会で負担致します。
• 記念式典ですので、相応しい服装(ビジネス)でのご参加をお願い致します。
• 身近に福岡県出身の方がいらっしゃいましたら、是非お誘い下さい。
• 準備の都合上、8月5日までに出席・欠席及び参加人数を電話(園田優子604-366-5796)又は email (清田勝 masarukiyota@hotmail.com )でご連絡頂きますようお願い致します。


会長 清田 勝